Frequently Asked Questions

Confused? Curious? Read on for a few words of explanation...

What are impossible bottles?

Very simply - objects placed in bottles, that are obviously too big to fit through the bottle neck. Most people have seen ships in bottles, but over the years all sorts of other items have been bottled, including tennis balls, shoes, coins, Rubiks cubes and of course, playing cards. Take a look at the Wikipedia entry for more details.

How do you do it?

With a lot of time, patience and ingenuity. My bottles are designed to make you think. If you are the kind of person who gets easily frustrated by not knowing a secret, then they are probably not for you!

Can you personalise my impossible bottle?

Yes, usually. If you have a specific deck of cards that you'd like to see in a bottle, or if you'd like a bottle personalised in some way, please use the contact form to get in touch.

What's the point in your bottles?

What's the point of any creative art? To inspire. To stimulate thought. To show the world a little differently. I simply want to show you something you've never seen before.

How do I know the cards are actually in there?

Every card case has a small 'window' cut into the side, which clearly shows that all the cards are present. You can even lightly shake the bottle and see the cards move.

59.99 for a deck of cards in a bottle?!

I am aware my bottles are not cheap. However, my materials make up only part of the overall price. The price mainly reflects the many hours I spend creating and perfecting each of my bottles. If you buy one, I hope you'll agree it was money well-spent.

Who are you?

I am a normal (supposedly) 36-year-old living in Leicester, UK. I have a full-time job and three young children, and somehow I find the time to indulge my passion for impossible bottles.

Do you have a life?

That's a matter of opinion. Probably not.

What's next for you?

I'm currently working on putting my mother-in-law in a bottle. Early results are looking good.


Phil Evans

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